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Jewellery Care

Caring for your Silver Jewellery

All SilverTwig jewellery is made from 925 Sterling Silver.

Silver is a beautiful precious metal and needs a little special care.  Exposure to the air, moisturisers, hairspray and perspiration will cause natural tarnish.

Add your jewellery as a finishing touch, after makeup, hairspray and perfume.

It’s best not to wear your jewellery while swimming or exercising.


Clean by washing with warm water and mild detergent.  Rinse, dry thoroughly with a soft, lint free cloth, then polish with a special anti-tarnish silver polishing cloth.

If your jewellery is in need of a more robust cleaning, then you can use a silver polish such as Goddards or Silvo.

We don’t recommend Silver Dip liquids as they can damage the surface of the silver causing it to need cleaning more frequently.


Store your jewellery separately in the airtight ziplock bag and SilverTwig soft satin pouch to avoid scratching.

Silver loves a dark and dry environment, away from sunlight.

Finally, the more you wear your silver jewellery, the less care it will need!